3DS emulator brings new joy in to Nintendo games

3ds emulator is intended for PC to playNintendo3DS games. It offers real 3D effect for players. Then new games like Mario Kart 7 are created with full functionality and are loved by Nintendo lovers all over the world. Moreover, the 3DS emulator is easy to use, user friendly, and makes playing Nintendo3DS games on PC very easy. Actually, the emulator is software that should be provided with hardcore games since the new games that are launched now can be played only on 3DS.
Unlike the older versions of emulator the new 3DS emulator need not be installed or paid. All you have to do is download it uncompressed and open. The older versions require installation in certain regions but the new version is region free. Once you open, that is the very first time, the emulator, the configuration screen will be in its default original size, but you have the option to change the resolution to your comfort. The thing to remember is, you must have genuine BIOS of Nintendo 3DS to run the software. Copying BIOS is illegal and won’t run the software.

Not only 3DS but DS ROMS also can be played on 3DS emulator, once the simple steps are set. The producers of the new version 3DS emulator 3DS-eMU claims that the software successfully passed the beta test. The working was very smooth and there were no hiccups like getting stuck or hanging in the middle. After confirming that the software is bug free they released it on internet. The best thing is, it is a freeware and does not cost anything. The user can just download it. Now users can enjoy playing the Nintendo games on their PC just the way they enjoyed it in Nintendo. Nintendo games are loved by all, irrespective of age.