Best TV Series to get As something special For Dad?

Enjoy it or not the holiday season is only a couple of months away. After the kids are back college and the sand provides been cleaned from the swimwear, it will be that point if you have to get crackin' on gifts for Mom and Dad. You will struggle again to find something special for Dad, and end up getting him a tie or movie tickets again. Why not try to take a bit of time and ask the question "what is the best tv show he would love to have on DVD?" Through the magic of technology, many of these old shows are now Supernatural seasons DVD box sets which can be offered as the perfect gift.
Dad is especially hard to buy for since he pretty much has everything he requires. He's getting up there in age and tinkers in the garden or around the house, but there was a time when both of you sat jointly on Thursday night looking forward to your personal show to seriously. It had been a tradition. After supper, you'll finish your homework. A couple of minutes before 8:00 you'll jump in to the big recliner with him and await your personal show to come on. Some of the best TV shows at the time were: 1. MASH 2. All in the Family 3. Star trek (Initial) 4. Star Trek Next Generation 5. Quantum Leap 6. Supernatural Whether the show was on for 30 minutes or a full hour, it was the best time you ever had with him. You adored having that special time each week and even though you now have your own kids to share time with, you remember those special occasions. Give him a thing that takes him back again to those situations in the recliner when both of you laughed or cried together with your favorite characters.