How to Download Tumblr Videos through Software?

People who use tumblr often wanted to know how to download tumblr videos. Tumblr is a micro blogging social networking site where you can post your desire media such as photos, videos; audios, etc. there are direct videos posted which you can download. Also, there are embedded videos posted on YouTube or other sites. There are a few ways to download tumbler videos posted on tumblr. Here you’ll get to know to download the tumblr videos via video downloading software.
Download software: There are some paid and free of cost software via which you can download the videos. You have to download and install the video downloader software into your device. How to download tumblr videos: To know how to download tumblr videos, you have to follow these steps. • To know download the video via software you have to get the link to the video. At first, open your tumblr account from any browser or from tumblr app. • Now open the desired video by clicking on it. When you click on the video, it will open on a third party website from where you can get the link from the address bar. If you can’t copy from there, click on the pages review option then you will find the link to that particular video. • Then open the software and paste the URL into the blank box. • Confirm your download and regenerate the download and save the download form of the video. Select the drive you want to save the video. • After downloading now, you can watch the video via your local media player.
Tips to remember: Via this software, you can also download any audio and pictures posted on tumblr too. Most of the software also provides editing option for the downloaded video. There are also online tutorials about how to download tumblr videos from which you may from more about this.