How to make pot brownies at home?

You may know about pot brownies as it is also called as weed brownies. It is the most delicious brownies that can be made in a little time and you can also take small bite of marijuana to mix in it. These brownies are very popular in all over the world. The best part is that you can make this at your home very easily. if you don’t know the recipe of making it then take a look below and learn k\making it with these simple steps. Here you will learn how to make pot brownies in seconds?
Know the ingredients required first: • Butter • Cannabis • Metal strainer • Medium pan Cooking instructions: • Add the ½ cup butter and water on a pan and leave it on a medium heat. The water should work as a layer between both pan and butter. If you think that more water need that you can add some more water. • On pan melt the butter on a medium heat, after this step adds some amount of cannabis and mix the batter thoroughly.
• Simmer the batter on low heat for 3 hours. Stir the mixture occasionally this will help in avoiding scorching. If your mixture get scorch, then the brownie will not taste better. • Give some time to pain get cool after straining. You have to strain butter from the butter. You can take help of fine mesh strainer. In this case cheese cloth can also work as well. • Put the butter and cannabis mixture inside your fridge overnight. With this in morning you will get that water and butter get separated from each other and it floats on top of water. • Once you find the butter on the water top take it out from the fridge. Now you only have to add rest ingredients and stir them well. Now you must understand how to make pot brownies easily and quickly.