Know about the harry potter movies

Harry Potter is the international movie. This movie is very popular in all film industry. There is eight version of this movie. Harry Potter movies are also famous in among all the peoples of the world. The first version of this movie based on J.K Rowling’s famous children novel. In this story, a boy plays the role of Harry Potter. In this, when the boy get 11 years old, he knows about the death of their parents. He is the fatherless son of two powerful magicians that have their own magical powers.
Then, He has been calling from the English boarding school, which situated in Hogwarts for magicians. In boarding school, he introduce by too many friends who is their closest partners. Their partners help him to explore the mysterious truth behind the death of his parents. In this story, Harry Potter enters into the magic world because he got bored with his boring life. There are 450 million copies of this film, and this film is in 68 another languages. What are the benefits of watching harry potter movies? In the research of Lancaster University, it has been proved that those children’s see the harry potter movies, they feel so amazing and make ourselves very creative. Watch, this film can improve the creativity and imagination. It is the first Endeavour, which gives the benefits to the youngster and children’s in studies. Because of this reason, the information of about this film has been giving in the book of general knowledge of the student. This film also reveals the supernatural content such as Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, etc. to the youngster and children’s. That child is who watch the magical scenes that can quickly pass out the tests of creativity. The children who watch the Harry Potter movies at the age of between 4 to 6 year; they can construct the alternative magical world.