What Doctor Who Is About

If you have heard about the BBC TV show, Doctor Who, you are at the right place and reading the right article. But, if you have not heard of it, then you will actually be interested in watching it after reading this article. It will interest you to know that this show had been aired weekly on BBC TV since 1963 and this (without any mistake) makes it the longest showing TV show. It has even taken different format since it was first aired especially as advancement in technology has also affected it. What is the show actually about? Sit back as this article tries to discuss it briefly.
The TV show is about a man who travels in a time machine. The most interesting thing about this one is that the man known as the Doctor Who travels in time is an alien who escaped from his own planet. The time machine, which is known as TARDIS, also travels with him. The machine used in Doctor Who 2005 is said to also travel through time as well. The machine had the ability to adapt to the environment it finds itself. The time machine is said to be bigger on the inside than it is outside and can communicate with the Doctor in a most amazing way. These are all some of the things that make the TV series stand out. Over the years, several things have been added to the TV show so as to blend with the technological advancement that goes on daily. Of course, you will not expect a show that started since 1963 to still retain all its original form without any change. If you really want to see how the TV show looked like in those days, you can purchase the Doctor Who DVD, which is available all over the UK. The show that started out as a children's educative show to enlighten children about history and science, has since become a show for everyone. In fact, aliens had been introduced into the show with time.